Must Have Blackberry Lifestyle Apps

If you have a blackberry, chances are you love the smartphone because it makes so many things in your life easier like and searching the web of But chances are there are a few apps that can be added to your phone that came make things even smoother. With these blackberry apps, your phone can help you with travel, reading your favorite blogs, checking the weather or just sharing pictures with your friends.

Blackberry Lifestyle Apps

WorldMate Live on the BlackBerry Storm

Service provided by WorldMate Live is provided to make the life of the person that travels frequently easier. This is done by providing automatically a lot of important content and services to your mobile device. Some of the free features include the My Itineraries feature that stores data on hotels, meetings, flights and rentals on your BlackBerry. The app allows you to export the travel data such as booking confirmation notifications and more to WorldMate Live directly and it auto creates your itineraries. Using WorldMate Live you can share and read hotel reviews for others and even book a residence from the application.

The Clock feature give the current weather and the time for a selected location and the time difference for an additional four cities of your choosing. The Weather feature gives a forcast for five days for a selected major city. The Currency Converter feature can rapidly assist in the conversion of U.S. dollars to Euros/ Japanese yen and vice versa.

There is also a full color and searchable map of the globe which provides the location of cities and the time and date of the day in each chosen location. The version provided specifically for the Storm is very similar to the BlackBerry version except that it cannot be viewed in any other mode other than landscape for now.

Viigo for BlackBerry Storm

One of the best mobile RSS readers is the app known as the Viigo. It is in fact more than the typical RSS reader and gives information such as live scores and standings, flight and travel data, weather information, stock and finance data and more.

The Storm version of the Viigo is still in the testing stages and has many bugs but has many unique features which improve the user experience. Storm users are able to scroll through stories and more in the RSS feed with a simple swipe of a finger over the screen, to the left for the new feeds and the right for the older stuff. The app is functional with the Storm accelerator and therefore you can swap between the portrait and landscape modes. Go to using the Storm’s BlackBerry browser for a free download.

WeatherBug for BlackBerry Storm

A favourite app for the BlackBerry is the app known as WeatherBug. This is great software that self updates to your local weather forecast for the pre-set location. When the weather is partially cloudy the icon shows the image of the sun with a cloud eclipsing it, the temperature and the day’s high and low predictions. As the weather alters the icon is updated.

The software is able to do this by getting information from the WeatherrBug Network which is said to be the biggest and most advanced weather system in the world.

Flickr for BlackBerry on the Storm

The Flickr Photo app for the BlackBerry is a free but valuable app the works with the Yahoo online photo storage service.

You can upload the pictures on your device or drive/card by just launching the app and selecting the photos to upload and tapping upload. You can name the photos and choose viewing settings to protect privacy. The image size is also adaptable. The photo is uploaded within a few a minute.

The Storm version is the same as the BlackBerry version but uses the accelerometer feature of the Storm and allows landscape and portrait views.

You can download Flickr for your BlackBerry for free on the RIM’s website and through Verizon’s BlackBerry Application Center. A Flickr account is free and that’s all that is required.