Twitter goes Meta for its UK Christmas ad

Twitter has got a new Christmas ad highlighting how a shocking case of faulty identity generates tens of thousands of chats on its platform each year. It stars the user @JohnLewis – no, not the UK department store, but a professor at Virginia Tech who also shares the same name.

The following confusion has seen Lewis being overwhelmed with tweets meant for the retailer and the amusing clip demonstrates him good-naturedly replying to the requests, ranging from question marks about stock and references to John Lewis’ Xmas adverts (which, whether you like them or not, have turned out to be deep-seated in British popular culture).

Twitter even references the UK vendor’s recent Christmas adverts with a telescope, a minuscule moon embellishment, Buster the boxer and Monty, the penguin. The platform has acknowledged the campaign #NotARetailstore in a nod to the comment on the bio of Lewis.

“I think it’s amusing and hilarious that folks mistake me for the UK store and I perform my best in order to direct them to the place they are meant to be,” this is what Lewis told The Guardian. “I see a gigantic spike in tweets at this point of the year, and I always love watching the John Lewis advert, more than ever as it turns into a big part of my conversation.”

As said by The Guardian, Lewis has had his Twitter handle since 2007, and he says that John Lewis – which goes by @jlandpartners – has never even thought or offered to buy his presence. (Twitter’s rules plainly announce the trading of accounts and “username squatting illegal”). As a result, he gains around 50,000 tweets per year formerly intended for the department store. By giving payment to Lewis for appearing in the ad, Twitter (which tends to highlight its most admired and favorite stories in its Moments feed) is undoubtedly putting efforts to create some viral magic of its own.

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