Top Ten Apps for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

Early introduction to technology may provide a push in a child’s initial development. Although Parents and teachers are generally apprehensive about the exposure of Mobile phones and other gadgets to the young ones, these kids are of the digital age, and if adequately supervised they can benefit a lot from various applications which are designed primarily for their age group. These apps are not restricted to games or educational purposes only, but some are also to help kids increase their emotional quotient, enhance mental abilities, social skills etc. These days even schools rely on latest technological methods to impart education to its young pupils.

So without further ado here our list of some fantastic apps for the little ones.

1. Starfall ABC’s

It a musical app, which introduces basic alphabet, using beautiful pictures and various rhymes. It aims at showing kids how each alphabet looks visually and its usage in different words and sentences.

This app can provide a good foundation by working on the basics of the language.

2. Team Umizoomi – Zoom Into Numbers

Having cute characters like Geo, Milli and Bot, this colourful and interactive app helps in learning basic mathematics. With a variety of activities to choose from to learn initial concepts of patterns, shapes, counting etc., this app is a complete package.

3. Wheels on the Bus

It is an interactive version of the classic nursery rhymes in different languages. Here the kid is placed on the driver’s seat and given different fun task along with singing rhymes. The best part is you can also record the voice of your child while reciting.

4. Shape Builder

With touchscreen jigsaw puzzles of about 5 to 10 pieces of various alphabets, fruits, vegetable birds, vehicles etc. It is a great app to improve a child’s motor skills and developing a sense of accomplishment.

5. TeachMe: Kindergarten

Walk with your kid in the beautiful world of mathematics, reading and spellings. This amazing app lets you select from among a variety of categories and lets you set difficulty levels. It is engaging with a reward system to boost your kid’s confidence.

6. ThinkRolls: Kings and Queens

Although it is a gentle gaming app, its logical and gravity puzzles help kids enhance their cognitive skills.

7. Social Adventures

Specially designed app for young students who need extra brush up for their social skills using a range of games and activities. What needs to be noted is that an adult is required for supervision.

8. Phonetics Genius

Like the name, this app helps the child to learn and also master the fluency in phonetics.

9. Dyslexia Quest

Dyslexia Quest is an app specially designed to help children suffering from dyslexia. Though it appears to be a game app to the child but helps them with memory skills, sequencing, phonetics etc.

10. Touch and Learn- Emotions

Identifying emotions, understanding body languages, reading facial expressions, recognising the feeling, this app helps with it all. It allows children to improve their communication skills, assists in building vocabulary and with better socialising.   

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