Know About Your New Apple Watch

The wait is over! Apple’s latest smartwatch, the Series 4 can do a lot more than just putting notifications on your wrist. It can make calls, even calling for help if you want or running a single-lead EKG to allowing you to know if something is amiss with your heart and it is going much beyond the fancy health features.

It’s a smartwatch that is complete with lots of many apps and the smartwatch has a few exciting features as well. To know more about it read what’s given below carefully:

  1. Communication: Apple wants to reinvent the way we communicate.
  • Digital Touch- This feature is one of Apple’s methods of advancing communication. Users can assign quick images to their friends by using minimal efforts. This feature is related to the watch’s Taptic Engine, which creates an alert for notifications with a simple ‘tap’ to a friend so that it can divert their attention towards itself.
  • Emoji- It is remarkable that little graphic images can now be customized. The user can send a smiley face, and can also make it wink, or else can stick its tongue out with the animated new feature.
  • Getting calls and texts- The watch is well-suited with the iPhone 5 and beyond. It enables to accept texts and calls.
  • Analyzing texts- The watch detects your incoming texts and analyzes the contents as well. Based on that, it can suggest quick related replies that user can send straight from their wrist.


  1. Fitness: According to me, the watch is a total fitness tool. Many features will connect with Apple’s Health and this is making it the hub of all your personal body information.
  • Measures heart rate- User can measure their heart rate at any time by using a custom heart rate sensor, present on the backside of the watch. Interestingly, the user can also send a friend your heartbeat using the Watch’s Taptic Engine.
  • Accelerometer- The watch not only counts your steps but also calculates the calories you’ve burned. And it generally measures total body activity as well.
  • Setting workout goals- There is an app called ‘Workout.’ It provides the user ‘real-time stats’ like the pace, the calories burned and the time spent working out. The best part is the user can set personal goals, and the app will summarize their achievements. It also gathers the daily fitness data. Whenever the user achieves their purpose in the Activity or Workout app, then they can earn a special badge. The reason for the badge is to not just to make it seem like a game but also to encourage you to achieving the goals.


  1. Usage of the App- Excitingly, the new watch is famous for its overall app functionality. That makes it a powerful little tool.
  • Watchkit: It enables developers to create third-party apps.


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