Distribution and Customization of Skills in Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa changes the communication method between human and machine. The advancement that came with Alexa is trending everywhere; no one could imagine such kind of communication system a few years ago. The features of Alexa are still growing and developers trying to add new feathers in it every single day. Apart for developers, a user can also add specific skills to it. Anyone can add some skills according to his/her requirement and guide Alexa to perform according to that skill. In this way, a simple user is on the driving seat and in the role of a programmer that can alter the qualities of Alexa without doing any coding or developing any software algorithm.

How to set additional Skills to Alexa

If you want additional skills which are not pre-programmed Alexa, you have to design the skill first, and then you have to put it into Alexa. Assume you need a babysitter or you want a house caretaker.

You should have to prepare a list skill first, and then you need to feed it into the Alexa personalized skill list.

Currently, Alexa has twenty-eight inbuilt features, and Amazon programmers are trying to increase it as soon as possible. If you want to insert your own designed skill set into it, you have to follow simple steps.

1.    First of all sign in into Blueprints.amazon.com.

1.    Now, go to the parallel lines present at the top right-hand side of the screen.

2.     Click on the kind of skill you want to create. You can choose your skill from the various given category.

3.    You can find several pre-programmed skill set (templates) within each frame of skill (category).

4.     You have to choose any Template to create your skill from the given category.

5.     If you are confused with the given skills, you can go to a sample project to know the functioning of it.

6.    In each skill template, you can find many predefined questionnaires. You can add your concern in it too.

7.    Click to Add Question and Answer option to add your query.

8.     Click to “next” to proceed.

9.     Then click to Experience option to complete the addition.

10.    You can edit the questions, player greeting and quiz responses according to your desire and convenience.

11.    Lastly, you have to click the next option that forwards you to the name button to complete the customization.

12.     You can change the name of the skill.

13.    Click next; it prompts a new window.

14.     Press create skill button present at the extreme right-hand side of the screen.

15.      Click to update the account button.

16.    Now your skill is ready to launch. You can open it on any Alexa associated device. Edit or delete button shall facilitate you to remove the skill or customize it in future.

17.     If you want to share your skill with your friends, select your skill.

18.     Go to the “your skill actions” box and click to share with others.

19.    Read the warning carefully reacts accordingly.

20.     Choose the mean by which you would like to share it with others.

21.    Click on the desired option and finish the sharing.

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