Chromecasts Now Supporting Multi-Room Music Playback

You can now start using Chromecasts for playing music in sync across multiple rooms and devices. Today, Engadget reported that an update releasing soon is going to allow Chromecasts to be added to speaker groups.


This is undoubtedly going to be a useful feature for those who are looking to combine multiple Google Cast-compatible devices for real-time simultaneous audio streaming. Earlier, the speaker groups could only be set with audio devices, and that means the official Chromecast was always excluded.

One of the developments enabled by today’s smart speakers is to have the ability for controlling the music playback across all the devices present in your house so that you can start listening to your favorite tunes even while moving around in any corner of the house. Thus far, the ecosystem of Google has only allowed this to be done via its Home speakers and Chromecast Audio devices, and that means it doesn’t include the video-capable Chromecast.

Google has also announced that the support for speaker groups was arriving in the Chromecast back in October, so it was being considered being as just a matter of time until it was officially announced and released. The feature is expected to be available now for users who have signed up for Google’s preview program and been working on all generations of Chromecast.

XDA Developers recently reported that a few ones who were not able to find the option were actually able to make it work by just rebooting the device a couple of times. When casting to the speaker group, the Chromecast usually demonstrates the song information in the bottom left corner of your device’s screen, over the background photographs.

If you want to try adding your Chromecast to a speaker group, you will have to enable the preview program within the Google Home app under the Settings menu for the Chromecast. It’s a good update that means a large number more people are going have multi-room audio capabilities.

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