Best Free Tools for Live Website Visitor Tracking

Real-time visitor tracking allows you to keep a tap on who’s visiting your website. These tools come a long way in targeting consumer-centric regions which help in revenue generation. In addition to this, live-website tracking adds a layer of security to the website’s firewall. However, you should not expect to get genuine results from a website tracker that claims that it can display information for a third-party site like

Let us check out some of the best live website trackers.

1. Google Analytics

This app provides real-time analytics of a website that you have added it into. The Real-Time feature of Google Analytics allows you to track an event that monitors the usage of the mobile application of the website, corroborate site changes by watching how your promotions are performing and keeping track of your goals. To use this free app, users will have to embed the tracking codes into the specific website.

2. Live Traffic Feed

It gives a user instant insight into the number of visitors on his website at a time besides their location and the web page they have visited. Downloading and installing the WordPress plugin is one way for using Live Traffic Feed on your website, the other way includes copying the HTML codes and pasting them to your site.

3. Hitsteps

This tool provides a live-tracker experience by giving you in detail information regarding the website visitors. From its main dashboard, visitor’s country, their page need, browser name and other details like the operating system in use can be ascertained. Its features comprise keyword analytics, cross-platform tracking, site Heatmaps, a real-time advertisement-blocker detection, etc.

4. Supercounters

This app makes website tracking fun-to-do through its differently styled widgets categorized into 7 types.

  • Flag counters
  • Tab widgets
  • Visitor trackers
  • Online counters
  • Visitor maps
  • Hit counters
  • IP address trackers

Users can easily ascertain about visitors’ details and fine-tune each widget according to main needs.

5. Clicky

Clicky enables its users to track visitors individually or track their per-session activity. It provides visitor info like location on the map, operating system used, ISP, browser and other details like screen resolution- if in case one wants to monitor 4K enabled devices. Real-time tracking comes bundled with other offline features like Google search ranking, website Heatmaps, HTTPS tracking and uptime monitoring. You can look forward to track a single website for up to 3K daily views with its free version.

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