Apple Customers can now buy a SIM-free iPhone XR

Finally, Apple is now offering unlocked iPhone XR devices that are being sold without a SIM card in the US, as covered by MacRumors. You can now purchase unlocked, SIM-free phones without needing to choose a carrier; this will allow you to choose which wireless network you want to use later on your device, and you’ll easily be able to switch between the network providers. If you have a prepaid carrier, this is the model you must try.

The iPhone XS was available to buy without SIM cards at its launch, but the iPhone XR was originally joined to carriers to make the supply for its wireless network partners and users on upgrade plan a priority.

It is also being expected by analysts to bring something better than the iPhone XS in sales, as it’s been Apple’s most reasonably priced 2018 phone. And it is going to share many of the same specs as the more exclusive flagship.

The SIM-free phones have also come right on time in favor of the holiday shopping season; thus, the phones can be given as a gift without having to know the gift recipient’s carrier. The stock may differ of the iPhone XR SIM-free models in the stores, remember to check inventory or purchase one directly from the Apple’s online store and then choose in-store date/pickup if you really want to be sure before heading over. The iPhone XR starts at $749 for all the 64GB models; plus, it is available now on Apple’s online store.

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