7 Best Time Management Apps And Extensions For Browsing

In this digitalized world, being online while studying can divert the mind for those who do not have control on themselves from doing unproductive browsing limitlessly. The time management applications and browser extensions can act as a blessing for such people.

Top 7 time management applications and extensions for browsing

  1. RescueTime

In this application, users can make time-management targets. In total it has two types of versions. The one is known as the ‘Lite’ version which is completely free of cost. And the other is premium version, and for accessing it, users are required to make the payment.

  • Trackr

It doesn’t have any using barrier. The wonderful part is that it will not keep the unwanted pages which prevent from collecting the clutter in the app. So it will not be wrong to call it among the cleanest application. It also has a feature that can let you by graph how much time you are spending on any particular website.

  • LeechBlock

The best feature of this application that distinguishes it from most of the applications is that it immediately closes the site as soon it reaches the set time.

  • StayFocused

This also does block the websites as soon as it reaches the limit set by its users. Whenever the set time is reached, you may note that the site shall not be accessible for its users. This helps in preventing your time wastage. This feature can be set for daily usage as well. The number of options present in it is very less.

  • SelfControl

It is an application that is available completely free for Mac users. Fortunately, it is easy to use. Users may have observed that after restarting the PC its settings are not disabled. So think twice before setting the time limit feature.

  • Forest

If you are addicted to your device then, this application is entirely suitable for you. The excellent feature of it is that whenever you work, it encourages you by growing a tree on the spot. And whenever you go out of this application- the tree is removed by killing it harshly. This even helps in spreading greenery web sites because of the presence of its browser extensions.

  • Moment

It is a free application. It displays the time that you spend with your phone. It also set alerts. Frankly, the reminders of it are a bit annoying.

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