6 Best Sports Apps for News and Scores in 2019

In the hustle and bustle of our life, we might not play sports in our regular life. But we always want to stay updated with the favorite game. Some prefer watching football, while some enjoy basketball and some other sports.

If you don’t get much time to watch sports at your home, you can consider watching on your smartphone. You need to download and install one of the sports apps from plenty of available options. All the live information gets updated in these apps so that you don’t miss even a single update of the game. If you don’t have the idea of best sports apps available in the market, this blog is especially to guide you.

The best sports apps to use in Smartphone:


Getting real-time update of your favorite sport is super easy with the ESPN app. It covers all the games and available for free on both Android and iOS devices. The scores of all the major leagues of famous sports are updated from time to time in this app. You can share the available video highlights on your social media profiles as well.

2. NBA

If you are crazy about basketball and never want to miss a single match from the NBA, install the official NBA app in your smartphone. It showcases the best gameplay of players from the game as well as live score and upcoming schedule of games. You are never going to miss a moment from the games by downloading and installing the NBA app.

3. NFL

NFL is a free mobile app, which is made especially for the lovers of football. It informs you the live scores of your favorite football teams along with videos, articles, photos, and highlights of the game. Plenty of more exciting features are there inside the app that you explore in your Android Smartphone or iPhone/iPad. 

4. Yahoo Sports

Same as ESPN, the Yahoo Sports app also offers you information related to all the sports. You can follow updates and read stories related to NFL, NHL, NBA, NCAA and more. The soccer fans are in treat too as this app offers soccer leagues update as well. Get this app for free on your Android or iOS device.

5. FlashScores

Get the best live results of your favorite sports and leagues with the FlashScores app. No matter what game you follow, this sports app has something for you. Like most of the apps, this app comes free for users too.

6. Team Stream

If you watch sports just because of your favorite team, Team Stream app is the perfect solution for you. You have to select your favorite team, and the app will show you relevant content on its own. With every update, you will get a notification so that you don’t miss anything about your favorite team.


If you are a sports fan, all of these apps are must try for you. They are available for free on various platforms and come with great features. Visit the app store today on your phone and enjoy the favorite sport everywhere you go.

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